Friday, May 6, 2011


i. am. exhausted. it's been a busy week, and an especially busy past 2 days, as we're getting ready to make the 9 hour drive to the beach tomorrow. today i did some mowing, finished and folded 2 big loads of laundry, took the dog to the vet to be boarded while we're gone, ran some last minute errands and now it's late afternoon and i still haven't packed a single darn thing. confession: i despise packing, and i always put it off until the last minute. not good..especially when i have to pack for three! (and my daughter requires more packing it seems, than my husband and i combined!)
[insert: tired, "poor me" sigh.]

i hope the weather is warm at the beach. as you can see, it's back to cardigan and tights weather where i live! last night i almost pulled our electric blanket out of its summer retirement in the closet, it was so cold.. silly weather.

other random news from this week: i have an iPhone again (thank you sweet husband!) and it's white!! i love it, and am so excited i get to take it to the beach (it will come in handy since the beach house we're renting does not have internet.) also, i got a much needed hair trim yesterday - got those shaggy bangs cleaned up a little. and today at the health food store, i found gluten free hamburger and hotdog rolls! do you have any idea how excited this got me? i haven't eaten a hamburger or hotdog with bread of any kind in over a year, so i can't wait to be able to enjoy a real cookout on the beach.
(sorry i'm rambling..i'm tired.) :)

anyway, it might be a week or more before i can post another outfit, due to the internet situation at our beach rental, so i tried to make this a good one! the dress is really simple, but i love the crochet lace detail around the neck. it feels sweetly old fashioned.

i was digging through a box in our attic to try to find some old purses since my old one was stolen recently, and i found a little forgotten treasure - a vintage purse i had thrifted years and years ago. i was so excited to find it! i used to carry yarn and knitting projects in it when i was at college. it brings back fun memories..

dress, belt: forever 21 // cardigan: target // purse: vintage // shoes: mudd brand (over 5 years old.)

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