Tuesday, May 17, 2011

parfumerie curiosite

happy tuesday! i'm starting to get back into the swing of things, post-vacation. (don't you hate the first week after a long vacation? all the laundry and unpacking and cleaning the smelly things out of the fridge..oh wait, that's probably just my experience. always forget to get rid of the milk before leaving, haha..)

today is a casual tuesday (though to be honest, as a stay at home mama living in rural america, every day is pretty casual!) i'm sporting shorts (yikes! legs!) and one of the purchases i made in SC..

...a scarf from "francesca's collections" ! there was a shop in myrtle beach, and it was my first time going to one of their actual stores (though the clerk informed me DC has a few locations, so i'll have to try to look those up sometime.) i don't usually wear scarves, but after being around one of my sisters all week, who is always wearing gorgeous scarves and always looks so chic, i thought i'd get one. you can't tell because my photo is a bit blurry, but it's got a lovely paisley print, and is a nice, lightweight fabric that will carry through summer and fall. i think i'll keep an eye out now, for pretty scarves. they add a lot to an otherwise simple outfit.

shirt, shorts: target // jacket: buffalo exchange, atx // shoes: steve madden // scarf: francesca's collections

another purchase i made in SC was a bottle of perfume. a lot of bloggers have been writing about signature scents, and the hunt for a great perfume. i've always wanted an original, signature scent but i'm extremely picky about perfumes. it has to be subtle, and not too flowery or musky, yet not too fruity either. the "francesca's" that i went to had some "tokyo milk" products, and i loved the whimsical scent pairings and the lovely packaging..

i chose #15, "french kiss" which has overtones of mandarin, tuberose, gardenia and vetiver. it's slightly spicy, yet sweet. i am in love.. and husband, (who is really picky about scents,) likes it too, which of course is a must. :)

have any of you tried any of tokyo milk's "perfume curiosities?" which ones are your favorites?

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