Saturday, April 30, 2011

right on target

happy weekend! we've been blessed with perfect weather this saturday, and i've just spent the last several hours in my very neglected yard, raking mowed grass and pruning hedges. (my wimpy arm muscles are screaming at me right now, ha.) we also ran to mine and my 2 year old's favorite place in town: target. which brings me to a kind-of sad revelation (depending on your point of view...)

i thing i've developed a rather unhealthy obsession with target. i love everything about it. have you ever noticed how great target smells as soon as you enter the door? it's like, this perfect mixed scent of starbucks, popcorn and great deals. and have you noticed how everything in target is cute, cute, CUTE? from their cheapo dollar section stuff, to their housewares and of course - the clothes! and everything is cheap! my daughter and i love target so much, that on days when we're bored and need to get out of the house, we go and admire all the cute, cheap stuff while we share a starbucks iced tea. it's heavenly. (am i weirding you out yet? i'm kind of weirding myself out.) and this little tirade all leads me to this very sad fact:

everything i'm wearing today came from target. (even my purse. most likely even my underwear.)

goodbye forever.

Friday, April 29, 2011

tweet tweet!

just to let you guys know, i have a twitter to go with my blog now! click link below to follow..


little red bird

hi guys! i hope you're having an awesome friday (and that the song "friday" is not stuck in your head as it has been in mine all day. darn that rebecca black.) it's been a laid back day for me, running some errands and playing with my daughter, though we're hoping husband will get off work early to take us out on the town to do something fun this evening to celebrate the new job. (partyin' partyin' YEAH! ugh.)

i felt really good in this outfit today. the skirt is the one i picked up from target this week, when it was so stinkin' hot. (of course, the day i wear it the weather goes back to chilly and cloudy, so i had to pull some tights out of their hibernation.) the skirt has a bluish, vertical stripe that reminds me of the little railroad engineer overalls my little brother used to wear when he was a baby.

i'm really proud of my sweater. i picked it up last winter at old navy for $2 - it had a hole on the top right hand side. at the time i was doing some felt applique on baby onesies for a friend of mine, and decided to patch over the hole with a little felted red bird. it's become one of my favorite cardigans and i wear it all the time! it's taught me to look beyond an item clothing as is, and imagine the potential after some personal tweaking.

skirt: target // cardigan: old navy, altered by me // shoes and sunglasses: target

Thursday, April 28, 2011

a very good day

last night my husband was offered and accepted a new job - a job with a raise, benefits and vacation time! (he's been self employed the whole 4 years of our marriage, and it has carried its fair share of struggles.) to quote the infamous miss rebecca black:

            we so excited!!

so we celebrated late last night with..

and husband even snuck out and bought me these:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

from winter straight to summer

i'm really not that grumpy. i've yet to find a natural expression that's somewhere in between "angry" and "goofy" :) working on it!

hooray for a bit of sun! though it feels like we missed spring and jumped right into summer. cold and rainy one week and hot, humid and sunny the next! i'm not complaining too much though, the sun feels good..

it was nice to take pictures outside again. isn't the transition from cool weather clothes to summery clothes awkard? it feels so weird to have bare legs (can you notice mine are slightly sunburned already, with my pink kneecaps? ha..) but somehow when fall rolls around, it feels weird to be covered again. i usually dread the winter to summer transition, as i'm pretty shy about showing skin, but i'm trying to embrace it this summer. i bought a skirt and a pair of shorts at target this morning, and was pleased pink to find that i've gone down two sizes since january!

this outfit was somewhat inspired by this outfit that the lovely kerri from "old lady chic" wore recently. (love her blog!) i love how blues and golds look together, and was pretty pleased with how i felt wearing this little comfortable ensemble as i ran around doing errands today. also, i'm wearing my beloved, new madden girl wedges! i loooooove them! they make me tall, hee hee!

dress: forever 21 // jersey jacket: target // "frankyy" wedges: madden girl by steve madden // belt: thrifted

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

red stripes

and here's another forever 21 dress that i picked up last january in california.. i don't usually feel drawn towards stripes or nautical style clothing, but i loved the way the dress fit, and whenever i wear it i imagine i'm channeling a character from one of emily martin's breathtaking paintings..

it's so great having a computer back! i've spent far more hours than a mom of a 2 year old should the last 2 days, catching up on my favorite blogs, and doing a lot of online "window" shopping. my husband and i budget a small monthly allowance for each of us, and i can't wait for the first of may so that i can snag one or two of the darling floral F21 dresses so many of you have been rocking (before they're all gone!)

dress: forever 21 // cardigan:// target // shoes: old "mudd" brand, from around 2006 // flower pin: handmade gift

Monday, April 25, 2011

ode to a pair of wedges

after searching for weeks, i think i found the perfect pair of summer sandal wedges! [i'm in LOVE!]

i ordered these shoes from amazon, (i've never ordered shoes online before - it was a bit nerve wracking!) and they couldn't be more perfect in my eyes!

my clumsy feet love wedges, for their stability and height. however, they do tend to look and feel kind of clunky and awkward, (or maybe i've always felt this way because my legs are so short and the wedges seem to overpower them in some way.) i thought these wedges, however, were really neatly designed, with the dark leather block on the bottom and the light floral on top, almost giving the illusion of a heel rather than a wedge. and while we're on the subject of florals - isn't the pattern just darling?! (i'm a little too excited about these shoes.)

another thing i love about these shoes is that they are so comfortable! i wore them all day on easter sunday and didn't get a single blister!

you can find the "frankyy" wedges on amazon, HERE.

disclaimer: neither amazon nor steve madden/madden girl know that i exist and this was not a paid endorsement.. Xx

never rains but it pours

sorry again for the unintended hiatus, friends.. my husband and i are finally getting back to normal routines, after spending the last several days trying to get our life back in order. things are going well - my biggest hurdle is sleeping well at night. nights are hard. it really sucks to not feel safe anymore in your own home, but we're praying that the anxiety will fade with time...

i bought this little jersey dress in san francisco last january, when i accompanied my husband there on a business trip. i loved the dark green color, and the whimsical floral print (you can't see very well in the pictures, but there are birds in the print too..)

i'm looking forward to taking more outdoor outfit photos, but we've been having the craziest, most uncooperative weather this spring. cool temps and torrential rains (really, for every rare sunny day we have, it's followed by at least 4 or 5 rainy ones!) i'm looking forward to shedding the leggings and tights too, but for now they're still a necessity. scarves come in handy too. i love my american apparel circle scarf. it's so versatile and very warm!  

    dress: forever21 /leggings, tank, shoes: target / belt: thrifted/ scarf: american apparel

p.s: sorry for the poor-quality pictures. we just got a new computer and i have yet to upload editing software. things should get better soon! Xx

Thursday, April 21, 2011

down one computer (and a diaper bag!)

i'm so excited to see i have new followers and comments - it means so much to me, especially from you lovelies who have blogs that i've followed religiously for months! thank you!

i'm so sorry i haven't updated in days. two nights ago, we had a home invasion (while we were IN the house, i might add...terribly upsetting..) and were pretty much robbed blind. among many other things, (like my daughter's diaper bag...seriously, WHO steals a baby's diaper bag?!) i am now short a phone and a computer, and haven't been able to access my blog until tonight, (thank goodness for kind friends who let me borrow their laptop for an hour!) i'm so bummed, but luckily i should be able to replace both over the weekend, and i'm so excited to share some new outfit posts as soon as things are back in order!

so please hang in there with me guys, if you can! and i'm so looking forward to catching up on your blogs very very soon!

much love..
jacqueline Xx

Monday, April 18, 2011


the amazing snoring baby!

ok, so maybe it's something only her parents would find cute, but i couldn't help from sharing - it makes me laugh everytime!


9 things that made this weekend awesome..








and #9

Saturday, April 16, 2011

pink tulip

shirt: target  skirt: target  cardigan: gap  leggings: probably target (target is my 2nd home.)

yes, that's the camera remote in my hand..need to learn to be more discreet!

i, like most every other style blogger i've ever heard of, love florals. anytime of the year, but especially so in the springtime! especially pretty, dainty florals like the pattern on my shirt.

i bought the skirt last summer, because it reminded me of a tulip (and still does!)  i love skirts and dresses with  big black elastic waists, because they seem to be instantly slimming and super comfortable, which is a win/win for me!

this weekend we're going to (hopefully) get our grass cut - first time this year (yes, our yard's grown into a forest, but we've been getting so much rain that it's been hard to schedule the time to get the job done!) and we're planning on having dinner with some dear friends who we haven't seen in far too long. i'm hoping the sun decides to stick around over the next couple of days so we can take some walks or go to the park.

what are your plans for the weekend? i hope you have a lovely one!


Friday, April 15, 2011

vintage polka-dots

my first personal style post [don't laugh!]

dress: vintage, from "little ocean annie" etsy shop  (shortened by me) cardigan: target  shoes: ancient, ha.. "mudd" brand

i have debated in my mind whether or not to have a personal style blog for, probably about a year. i'm hopelessly addicted to reading other fashion/style blogs, they're a huge source of inspiration, and i want to be involved in the community, but as a mom and a wife i don't want the blog to take over my other loves in life. i also feel terribly awkward taking pictures of myself (as the pictures obviously state, ha) but maybe that will get better with some practice..

this dress is one of the reasons that tipped me over towards starting a blog, because i'm so excited about it! it's the first vintage dress that i've ever bought, and i was scared to death that it would arrive and not fit, or not be what it looked like in the pictures online. fortunately, all those fears were silly - it's perfect! i love the collar, and the cheerful teal color, and the polka dot pattern. it's silky and light, and feels very feminine when you wear it. it's totally different than anything i've worn before, but i love it so much that i'm determined to buy more vintage in the future.