Wednesday, July 27, 2011


today was unseasonably cool..
so i felt inspired to wear unseasonable colors..
and an unseasonable sweater.
(even though it was still over 80F outside. i am so done with summer.)

hurry up fall!

dress, belt: forever 21 // sweater: old navy // shoes: target

Monday, July 25, 2011


last week, the wonderful marisa of "shades of monet" agreed to do a clothing swap!
(this was my first time! so fun!)

today my box came in and i couldn't be more excited! 

marisa and i swapped a couple of dresses that we recognized from each other's blogs,
but we also sent each other "mystery" items from our"purge piles."

neither of us knew what our mystery clothes would be,
which made the whole swap so much fun. i love the pieces marisa sent for me,
and i can't wait to share them on here!

if any other readers out there would be interested in swapping
with me in the future 
(i'm a size M/L for reference)
 just let me know! 

be back soon.. XO

Friday, July 22, 2011

a choice

today i made the choice to be happy.

so when the temptation rolled around for me to criticize my body, i made the decision to find something about my body that i liked.

when my baby tried my patience to the max today with a tantrum (followed by maybe 5 more tantrums before naptime,) i made the decision to remember the 5million things i love about her, and how lucky i am to have her.

when the thermometer outside read 101F before noon, i made the decision to thank God for modern conveniences like air conditioning. and ice cream.

and you know what?

it wasn't long until i was in a remarkably good mood, despite the ups and downs of the day, and this hottest day of the summer turned out to be a loverly day.

what are you thankful for today?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


dress: // cardigan: buffalo exchange, austin // shoes: target

happy tuesday!

it's quite an ordinary tuesday over here (hence the super-imaginative title post!)

it's way too hot to be wearing a cardigan in my neck of the woods,
but i loved the pairing of gray with the super bright green dress. 
a good excuse to stay indoors, watching law & order: svu while olive naps this afternoon!

i have been wearing my little wristband every day. a friend of mine brought it back as a gift for me from ireland. (it's from topshop.) i like it so much, i might try to make some of my own out of left over fabric from previous projects.

enjoy the rest of your week (stay cool!)

Saturday, July 16, 2011


tee: target // skirt: old navy // belt: thrifted // shoes: target

i know i look like i'm ready to do combat, in my army fatigue colored ensemble, 
but in reality all i did this pretty saturday was go on a mommy-daughter date with olive. 
(the mall, mcdonalds and dairy queen were involved. eeks.)

i found this skirt at old navy a while ago for just $9! skirts are hard for me, as i can't (read: won't) 
wear minis (and minis are in great abundance at the stores these days.) and finding a modest
length skirt that isn't too clingy, or too boxy or too flared is pretty hard work.

i can't wait to pair this skirt with all my tops. the possibilities are endless.

little details..
wrist band: gift, from top shop // ring: anika burke // nail polish: essie's "meet me at sunset"

Sunday, July 10, 2011

never too old to play dress up

i just got home from visiting my family in NC, where i got the chance to play dress up in a lot of dressing rooms (raleigh has such great shopping options! such a temptation!) i didn't end up purchasing many things, but the dressing up was lots of fun..

@ Ross (i sooo regret not buying the yellow dress.)

left: @ Ross. (i regret not buying this one too. boo.) // right: in my mom's bathroom, haha. just everyday wear..

@ Francesca's Collection

 i did buy this dress at Ross, and made/sewed the yellow flower corsage for the blouse part. i think it'll transition over to fall really well.

be back soon!


Friday, July 1, 2011

madame librarian

dress: vintage, etsy // shoes: target // belt: goodwill

i really love my vintage dresses, guys. i love them so much more than my newer dresses. it's true that there are many days where i don't feel in the right mood to wear them, but when i DO wear them, i usually feel really good about myself, and confident. we just click, my vintage dresses and i. i think this calls for more thrift shop hunting and less forever 21 browsing online...

also i got new shoes! you may not know this, but i am not really a shoe person. i was perfectly content to let my lovely steve maddens be my only shoe purchase this summer... but they BROKE! i couldn't believe it. and they're so broke, that not even my very handy husband thinks he can salvage them. so i got new shoes, from target of course, (because supporting my local target has become like my full time job,) and i LOVE them. :)

i'm driving down south for tomorrow to spend the 4th and the rest of the week with my family. i'm looking forward to swimming and shopping and hanging out with my people.

what are you doing for the 4th of July?