Friday, July 1, 2011

madame librarian

dress: vintage, etsy // shoes: target // belt: goodwill

i really love my vintage dresses, guys. i love them so much more than my newer dresses. it's true that there are many days where i don't feel in the right mood to wear them, but when i DO wear them, i usually feel really good about myself, and confident. we just click, my vintage dresses and i. i think this calls for more thrift shop hunting and less forever 21 browsing online...

also i got new shoes! you may not know this, but i am not really a shoe person. i was perfectly content to let my lovely steve maddens be my only shoe purchase this summer... but they BROKE! i couldn't believe it. and they're so broke, that not even my very handy husband thinks he can salvage them. so i got new shoes, from target of course, (because supporting my local target has become like my full time job,) and i LOVE them. :)

i'm driving down south for tomorrow to spend the 4th and the rest of the week with my family. i'm looking forward to swimming and shopping and hanging out with my people.

what are you doing for the 4th of July?

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