Monday, April 25, 2011

never rains but it pours

sorry again for the unintended hiatus, friends.. my husband and i are finally getting back to normal routines, after spending the last several days trying to get our life back in order. things are going well - my biggest hurdle is sleeping well at night. nights are hard. it really sucks to not feel safe anymore in your own home, but we're praying that the anxiety will fade with time...

i bought this little jersey dress in san francisco last january, when i accompanied my husband there on a business trip. i loved the dark green color, and the whimsical floral print (you can't see very well in the pictures, but there are birds in the print too..)

i'm looking forward to taking more outdoor outfit photos, but we've been having the craziest, most uncooperative weather this spring. cool temps and torrential rains (really, for every rare sunny day we have, it's followed by at least 4 or 5 rainy ones!) i'm looking forward to shedding the leggings and tights too, but for now they're still a necessity. scarves come in handy too. i love my american apparel circle scarf. it's so versatile and very warm!  

    dress: forever21 /leggings, tank, shoes: target / belt: thrifted/ scarf: american apparel

p.s: sorry for the poor-quality pictures. we just got a new computer and i have yet to upload editing software. things should get better soon! Xx

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