Friday, April 15, 2011

vintage polka-dots

my first personal style post [don't laugh!]

dress: vintage, from "little ocean annie" etsy shop  (shortened by me) cardigan: target  shoes: ancient, ha.. "mudd" brand

i have debated in my mind whether or not to have a personal style blog for, probably about a year. i'm hopelessly addicted to reading other fashion/style blogs, they're a huge source of inspiration, and i want to be involved in the community, but as a mom and a wife i don't want the blog to take over my other loves in life. i also feel terribly awkward taking pictures of myself (as the pictures obviously state, ha) but maybe that will get better with some practice..

this dress is one of the reasons that tipped me over towards starting a blog, because i'm so excited about it! it's the first vintage dress that i've ever bought, and i was scared to death that it would arrive and not fit, or not be what it looked like in the pictures online. fortunately, all those fears were silly - it's perfect! i love the collar, and the cheerful teal color, and the polka dot pattern. it's silky and light, and feels very feminine when you wear it. it's totally different than anything i've worn before, but i love it so much that i'm determined to buy more vintage in the future.

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