Saturday, April 16, 2011

pink tulip

shirt: target  skirt: target  cardigan: gap  leggings: probably target (target is my 2nd home.)

yes, that's the camera remote in my hand..need to learn to be more discreet!

i, like most every other style blogger i've ever heard of, love florals. anytime of the year, but especially so in the springtime! especially pretty, dainty florals like the pattern on my shirt.

i bought the skirt last summer, because it reminded me of a tulip (and still does!)  i love skirts and dresses with  big black elastic waists, because they seem to be instantly slimming and super comfortable, which is a win/win for me!

this weekend we're going to (hopefully) get our grass cut - first time this year (yes, our yard's grown into a forest, but we've been getting so much rain that it's been hard to schedule the time to get the job done!) and we're planning on having dinner with some dear friends who we haven't seen in far too long. i'm hoping the sun decides to stick around over the next couple of days so we can take some walks or go to the park.

what are your plans for the weekend? i hope you have a lovely one!


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