Thursday, April 21, 2011

down one computer (and a diaper bag!)

i'm so excited to see i have new followers and comments - it means so much to me, especially from you lovelies who have blogs that i've followed religiously for months! thank you!

i'm so sorry i haven't updated in days. two nights ago, we had a home invasion (while we were IN the house, i might add...terribly upsetting..) and were pretty much robbed blind. among many other things, (like my daughter's diaper bag...seriously, WHO steals a baby's diaper bag?!) i am now short a phone and a computer, and haven't been able to access my blog until tonight, (thank goodness for kind friends who let me borrow their laptop for an hour!) i'm so bummed, but luckily i should be able to replace both over the weekend, and i'm so excited to share some new outfit posts as soon as things are back in order!

so please hang in there with me guys, if you can! and i'm so looking forward to catching up on your blogs very very soon!

much love..
jacqueline Xx

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