Friday, June 3, 2011

frugal nerd

two posts in one day! i should be packing for our weekend trip to ohio, for my sister in law's graduation party, but no...all i can think about is blogging about my new favorite dress, [and thinking about what's going to happen next on "twin peaks." man, i've fallen hard for that show!]

dress: vintage, from goodwill // shoes: target ($4, guys! this frugal nerd is having a very good week!)

as you could probably see in my previous post about treasure hunting at goodwill this week, i had a very good time, and some pretty good luck! i don't frequent our local goodwill very often because their selection is usually pretty bleak, but i think i'm going to try to stop over there more often from now on. i got this dress for $4, and i adore it. it's going to get lots of love this summer (and probably this fall too, with the help of some tights and a cardi!)

have a happy, fun weekend, all! i'm looking forward to our quick little trip, and the chance to see friends and family! be back soon! Xx

ps: one week left of my giveaway - a crocheted, detachable collar's up for grabs! enter HERE!

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