Wednesday, June 15, 2011

summer song

dress: target // cardigan: target (buttons changed by me) // collar: crocheted/vintage // shoes: target

(i've had this silly song stuck in my head ever since it popped up through pandora one day..the one lone person really getting into the song in the video kinda cracks me up..)

i have been soaking up some wonderful weather, and have just felt really blessed to be alive to enjoy my family, my friends and how awesome God's creation is. i love sitting in the hammock swings in our backyard, with olive, just enjoying the breeze and the sun. (i guess some sun-created vitamin D is a crazy good drug!) :) love these perfect summer days...

on a non-fashion related note (but a still a cute one!) olive and i got to check out some wee little chickens today at a friend's house. yes, they're in their "ugly" in between stage, but we still thought they were adorable!

we're going camping this weekend, and i have to confess - embarrassingly, this is my first time. ever. so i'm compiling lists this afternoon of things to remember to take, and praying that we don't get rained out. do you guys have any camping tips for me? and how does one go camping and stay cute amidst the bugs, sweat and lack of hair dryers? (my fringe is so stressed out about this trip, ha.)


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