Monday, June 6, 2011

spreading some sunshine

i'm still in ohio, visiting family and friends and enjoying some very lovely summery weather.. and i was so pleasantly surprised to find out this morning that the lovely  kelly of "elegantly academic" awarded me the "sunshine award." (thanks kelly, i appreciate it so much!) so to continue the tradition, here's ten random facts about me..

1.. i have lived in fifteen different houses in my 24 years of life

2.. i have lyme disease

3.. i took piano lessons for 8 years, and still try to play a little every day

4.. my favorite book is "a tree grows in brooklyn" by betty smith (go find it and read it immediately!)

5.. i think i wore blue jeans every day of my life until i turned 24. now i wear dresses every day. ;)

6.. i've lived 100% gluten free since august 2010, and plan on living without gluten for the rest of my life.

7.. i hate sewing machines, even though doing clothes altering by hand, (something i love,) is super-tedious.

8.. i absolutely adore french macaron cookies, and have tried to make them several times, with little success.

9.. i love quirky movies. ("amadeus," "the sweet and lowdown" and "harold & maud" are some of my favorites.)

10.. i love my savior, Jesus Christ, and am not ashamed to say so. :)

here are some of my favorite girls, that i know you'll love too:

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